Shouldn’t they be out there playing or something?

Some mental notes turned to words after a very interesting couple of months navigating the puzzle of creativity and innovation… This is not a motivational post nor a chance to become part of the story telling frenzy (have you seen the TED talk against TED talks?) and by no means do i want to overthink creativity too much.

Creativity: Are we born with it or do we need to learn it? can it be practiced? what prevents it from happening? does it have an economy? does it need an ecosystem to flourish? does it have enemies? should it be practiced? is there such a thing as good and bad creativity? has creativity ever harmed someone?

Innovation: same as above…?

Making Human Connections: You don’t need to have all the answers so chill a little and go out there meet interesting people and pick their brain in the name of education.

Evolution of the Job Market: A quick glance through LinkedIn and you come across positions like Directors of Creativity, Cultural Brokers, Innovation and Disruptor Theorist, Unapologetic Marketing Truth Teller, Cultural Managers, People Culture Specialist, Human Technologies, Innovators in pretty much any field, Coaches and Well Being Managers. Same old jobs with new fancy names? Or a real change in the job markets? How do new technologies fit into the current job market?

Avoid giving your opinions as facts. An opinion is not a fact.¬† We’re teaching students to think for themselves. Offer options and give the tools to develop critical and analytical senses. If students are to make informed decisions they need to be able to formulate an opinion for themselves.

Don’t confuse being creative with having ideas. The latter is much easier and it’s programmed in the human consciousness. We all have ideas, our brain is generating them all the time. What is challenging¬† is to realise those ideas. Perseverance, tenacity, courage, collaboration, inventiveness… Character education.

Offer advice instead of assessment. It’s demoralizing to hear students referring to themselves in numbers. I’m a 2, I’m a 3, this is what I need to do to get a 5. This is challenging especially when working with ‘frameworks’ and/or admin systems which are data heavy. Surely the 2 can live together harmoniously. What does having an assessment really add to the learning? I would even argue that assessment takes away learning because it becomes an external motivator. Not a part of us… so what happens if you take it away? anarchy? uncontrolled chaos? are we that dependent on external motivators? are we teaching students to pay more attention to external motivators?

Intrinsic motivation, activating that desire to learn is necessary and it’s one of the hardest things to do. Offer opportunities to work on intrinsic motivation. It will give students the fuel they need to keep discovering and trying things, to be curious and be willing to accept change. You might have been a very average drawer at 5 years old but that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing it. And its not because you are a great drawer at 5 years old that you are going to be the next Picasso.


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