What happens when music inspires change?

Year 9 ventured into the musical sounds of mowtown and disco and at the same time learned about the important social movements which those styles of music helped to fuel.

This unit was all done on-line and it used 2 online music making tools. Shared piano by google labs and bandlab. To complete a performance target online was a challenge. To make it accessible I asked students to perform the hook of the song “whats going on’ by Marvin Gaye. Using shared piano the students worked in groups synchronously. They played a funky bassline, 2 chords and a drum beat. At the same time learning about the mowtown sound and style.

To meet the composition target we created 3minute disco loops where we studied the structure of dance music compositions.


Performing Synchronously online.

Y9 Songs that inspire change.pptx

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